Let's work together.


CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento, ZenCart and other popular framework experience.


Rock-solid experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Fluent with compliant mark-up and optimized site loading practices.

Mobile Software

Bring your idea to a mobile device near you with mobile software development. Use your existing website to make an app.


Full server concierge services. Provides multiple desktop virtualization, security analysis, and a lot more.

Simple Website Solutions

Mobile Optimiazation

Get your website caught up to speed on mobile devices! We provide a full assessment and build of your mobile website.

Let's sit down and take a look at your needs. Depending on what the goals are, we can discuss a schedule. At this point, it is preferred you have as much content for your website as possible ready in a digital format.

Delivering this to us early on will give us the time we need to make a well laid out website. Giving us all of the content up-front greatly reduces delays on waiting for content after we begin to build your website. If you do not have content prepared, we do offer content preparation services.

Getting something off the ground can be pretty quick. Once we have enough to get rolling, there is typically a one-week turn around period before there's something you can review. During this time, we select pictures, content and layout choices that we feel compliment your needs.

Once we are done laying out your website, we can sit down and I can teach you how to maintain and update your website in the future.

Additionally, if you still need my help, website maintenance is $25 an hour. If you need help preparing content such as additional blog posts, that runs the same rate as well.